Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road by Valérie MelançonYellow Brick Road
36″ x 32″ (91.4cm x 81.3cm)
Oil on Linen

Yellow Brick Road is a very important work with regard to Valérie’s development as an artist. Over the years, she has continuously refined her technical skills with control of light, color, and overall composition. It has been an amazing journey that many of you have shared with us.

In this painting, Valérie stays true to her love of classical realism and the human figure, and she incorporates elements of the abstract to tell the story. This painting gives the viewer more insight into Valérie’s creative vision and the internal worlds that are generated in her mind’s eye.

Here are Valérie’s comments on Yellow Brick Road:

The Yellow Brick Road is certainly a metaphor with which I can relate. I increasingly find myself at the threshold of new and unfamiliar worlds and have partly made the Wizard of Oz into a personal myth since changing careers to become an artist—I know I am not “in Kansas anymore.” Each day I am learning how to travel on this new path and learn from its mysteries.

In this painting, I represent the lead character, the path, and the cyclone. The melding together of the path and the cyclone suggests the abandonment of old structures for new ones, which is the cornerstone of true growth. Like Dorothy and her round trip visit to Oz, my character in her red sashed gown—in lieu of ruby slippers—is experiencing assimilation and disintegration simultaneously. It is this experience that will lead her to the realization of her own power.

– Valérie

I’m very excited about the road ahead. This new direction is beautiful, elegant, and captivating. In the months to come, you will see Valérie incorporate elements of surreal and abstract with classical to reveal her envisioned worlds and bring her stories to life. It’s great to have you along for the journey!

If you would like more information about Yellow Brick Road, send me an email.


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      Terry, thanks so much for the comment. I love the bold colors in this painting too. You must see it in person for the full effect. I’ll let you know when it is going to show. Have a wonderful weekend.


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