Lyrical Wind

Lyrical Wind by Valerie MelanconLyrical Wind
34″ x 34″ (86.4cm x 86.4cm)
Oil on Linen

Lyrical Wind is a beautiful and vibrant painting, full of energy and movement. Following in the footsteps of Yellow Brick Road, this painting combines Valérie’s signature classical realism with abstract elements, which work together to complete the composition.

As many of you know, I usually do not see Valérie’s paintings during the creative process. Instead, my first viewing is the final composition. Waiting to view her creations until they are complete provides Valérie a chance to view my initial reaction to a new work, and it allows me to view the painting without the influence of familiarity. Another interesting outcome is that I get to truly experience a new painting visually and emotionally in the same way you would observing it at a gallery for the first time.

Upon first sight, Lyrical Wind felt like a rush of energy to me. I immediately felt a sense of elation. The painting was energizing, exciting, and at the same time… tranquil. I love how the central character is connected to the rhythm and color of the background through the ribbon in her hair and the corner of her coat. You can feel the girl’s energy radiating out to the world around her. With this simple act of hanging a wind chime, Valérie explores the idea of how are actions impact and connect us to our surroundings.

Here are Valérie’s comments on Lyrical Wind:

What if you could see sound?

The verb “perceive” can be traced back to Old French and Latin. What was originally “perçoivre” in Old French has become “percevoir” in Modern French. While this modern French word maintains both senses from its Latin origination of “to grasp, to take,” the English “perceive” keeps more to the metaphorical sense “to become aware or conscious of, come to realize or understand”. The idea behind this one verb has fascinated me for most of my life.

Think back to your favorite detective story and the idea that no two witness accounts of an event are ever identical. Why? Even if we skip the inexhaustible issue of human perception as an emotive subject, we still have to consider the complexities of human anatomy to answer this question. We may be a technologically advanced species, but we are still in awe of the basics of our own bodies. For example, how is physical energy received by the sense organs and converted by the brain to form individual perception? How much energy is not being perceived? How much more energy will be perceived by humans in the future through evolution?

The mystery of human perception is a recurring theme in my paintings and it is the inspiration behind Lyrical Wind.

– Valérie

What do you see in Lyrical Wind

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  1. says

    I see movement in the sky, wind, blowing her ribbon and she knows it will move the chimes and make beautiful sounds. I don’t know about the bottom left, maybe leaves of a different tree and grass blowing in the wind. The colors are great and the figure is perfect. Another winner.

  2. says

    Wonderful comment, Terry! I love the reference to the main character’s anticipation or even confidence that the chimes will move in the wind and “make beautiful sounds”. I didn’t think about it before I read your comment, but when I look at the painting, I can “hear” the delicate tones from the chimes in my mind.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and praise for this painting. Hope you have a fantastic week!

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